Rules of Learning

  1. Lessons are given twice a week depending upon age category and dancing level.
  2. Dance groups are divided into different categories.  
    • Children first year (5 – 7 years old)
    • Children second year (8 – 11 years old)
    • Children third year (12 – 17 years old)
    • Adult competition style
    • Adult social dancing and wedding dance
  3. Ask about discount if you have more than one kid in our school.
    Missing class is only acceptable with a reasonable excuse. If student   missed a class the studio gives him/her a make up class during any other class. If the reason for missing a class is not excusable the studio does not have to give you any additional classes.
  4. The school administration has the right to change the payments for classes depending on the inflation, changing in supplies and studio rent rates. Parents will be notified about these changes one week before they are applied. If you pay 2 or more months in advance, changes will not affect you for months you paid.
  5. Students must come to the lessons 10 minutes before the class starts. All students must have an appropriate hairstyle, dance clothes, and dance shoes.
  6. If you have strained something or had any accident at dance school you must inform your teacher about it.
  7.  If student came late to the class it is important not to interrupt others.
  8.  Students may not sit during the class and have to do what the teacher says.
  9.  Students may not talk during classes.
  10.  Students may not interrupt lessons in different groups.
  11.  Students may not chew gum during the class.
  12.  Students may not leave the class without teacher’s permission.
  13.  Students should turn off their phones to silent during the lesson.
  14.  Students should come to the class in a regular basic and not when they just feel like it.
  15.  All questions to the teacher should be asked during the teacher’s free time.
  16.  Parents are not allowed to sit in the dance classroom without the permission from the teacher.
  17.  Parents may not tell the teacher what he should or should not do in the choreography of the couples. The teacher decides with his students if they should or should not participate in certain competitions and concerts.
  18.  Dance costumes are the parent’s responsibility. All dance costumes must apply the rules. You may ask the teacher for some ideas or check the web site: dress code.
  19.  To switch the groups the teacher must be informed.
  20.  When the teacher cancels the class the dance school will tell students and make up that day.  There are 8 lessons in each month. If there are 9 lessons in the month one lesson will be count as a future make up lesson.   

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