Back to School


To those who are dreading the end of summer.

Back to school. Back to school. Back to school already. It feels like summer just started and it’s already the end of August. I’m thinking about my classes and I’m reaching for my sweatshirt, but weirdly I’m not worrying about it. I used to worry about the impending winter, but the brief acclimation to colder temperatures byway of some late August chills find me motivated. I have positive feelings about this loss of free time that will push me toturn the free time I have left, after that turn, to profit.

​There’s an academic itch in the fall air. The kids are back to school, but even the adults can feel it. There’s an itch to learn new skills and hone old ones. This is the time of year birds migrate south and people move in doors and what better way to perfect that formation than on the dance floor. It’s an active academia, taught in a studio and practiced everywhere. An opportunity to be on your feet and process lessons immediately, taking note only of your own improvement. And, unlike almost any other lesson, it’s a discipline applicable to your social life. Romance doesn’t end with warm weather. Winter is coming and with it Christmas ballets, New Year waltzes and Valentine tangos that heat the coldest February nights.

Back to school special offer

At Dance Zone USA there are no notes or tests; instead our experienced and world ranked instructors provide direct and personalized lessons that emphasize one on one interactions. Get ready for the fall with feet set, arms up, face to partner and back to school.

Dance Zone USA announces Fall Auditions in Brooklyn for girls and boys. Please call for an appointment at 718-368-1000. 

2014 – 2015 School Year Registration is open for current and prospective students. Check our schedule to sign up for classes.

“New” – Hip-Hop classes are added to our schedule: every Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00pm. Contact us to sign up.