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Our students at the Brooklyn community event

Dance Zone USA students participated at The 3rd Annual Sheepshead Summer Stroll on Saturday, May 22nd, 2016. The event was hosted by Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Kings Bay Y and Sheepshead Bay Merchants Association.

Thanks to all the participating students and teachers for their hard work. The show was truly spectacular and beautiful. Great thanks for the parents’ support and to Marina Livchits for colorful dresses and fancy hairstyling!


One dance class might change your life

One dance class might change your life

Angela Baldwin‘s friend invited her to a dance fitness class in March 2013. Baldwin tried to think of an excuse to skip it, but couldn’t come up with one so she reluctantly tagged along. At this point, the Prestonsburg, Kentucky, social worker weighed 350 pounds. She hid in the back of the room so few people would see her.

Then something unexpected happened: Baldwin really enjoyed the class. “The music moved my soul,” she said. “Even though I felt sure I was going die after each song, I kept moving.” Growing up, the 5-foot-10-inch Baldwin had always loved music and dance, but had never tried classes or training. She was used to being “the biggest person in the room,” and had been all her life.

“I had become so miserable I did not want to leave my house,” she said. At her heaviest, she said she wanted to just “curl up and die.”

Baldwin began attending the classes twice a week, and the pounds started to drop off. Baldwin was especially encouraged after learning that her instructor had lost 100 pounds through dance fitness.

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Dance off the pounds by joining our adult Social Dancing classes on Mondays & Wednesdays from 8:30pm-9:30pm


One dance class might change your life.

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Social dancing for adults

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Rhythm and Hip Hop

Rhythm and Hip Hop
Hip-Hop lessons - $50 off for 3 months FOR NEW STUDENTS

​Rhythm and Hip Hop

To those that have the music inside:

Robert-Wilson hip-hop


Its movements are evident in the name. Hip hop. Full physicality. An errant bug that enters the ears to burrow through the brain and into the blood stream, clicking vibrato and rattling melodically until it reaches the heart where it divides its eggs evenly among the four ventricle pockets to be hatched and fanned out to the rest of the body, kicking and thrashing in their swim and occasionally grazing the smooth interior flesh that manifests in ticklish throbs across the exterior skin. Hip hop dance is exterior. It is an amplified translation of intangible emotions. It is the ecstatic jolts that manipulate the infestation into neat bunches and upward flailing that expels the bugs from the body and whips them around in the breath of exertion.

$50 off for 3 months FOR NEW STUDENTS

Hip-Hop lessons – $50 off for 3 months FOR NEW STUDENTS

​Hip hop cannot be contained. Even within the formality of a studio it is wild and freeing and cathartic. The studio turns inside out and so do the students, improving and refining learned techniques, stretching and centering to stay limber and ready, using the structure to break the mold. There’s technique and there’s style in hip hop in the same way there’s memorization and improvisation. There’s exercise and relief in the same way there’s personality and unity. Hip hop dance is, in short, a work-out.

​This is the kind of attitude the staff and instructors have at Dance Zone USA. Hip hop is a popular discipline, high energy and invigorating. It is a release of pent up energy that improves health, flexibility, balance and coordination. For kids, it makes an active lifestyle easier, combining exercise with expression. Hip hop dance is a positive force and our world ranked instructors understand this, teaching appropriate and empowering choreography with precise eyes, thoughtful words and a sympathetic ear. So get started and stop holding it in.

Meet our instructors, check the schedule & sign up for Hip-Hop Classes

Robert Wilson, Hip-Hop Instructor

Robert Wilson, Hip-Hop Instructor

Robert Wilson, Hip-Hop Instructor

Robert Wilson, Hip-Hop Instructor

Brittani Miller Gonzalez, Hip-Hop Instructor

Brittani Miller Gonzalez, Hip-Hop Instructor

Brittani Miller Gonzalez, Hip-Hop Instructor

Brittani Miller Gonzalez, Hip-Hop Instructor


Back to School

Back to School
Back to school special offer

To those who are dreading the end of summer.

Back to school. Back to school. Back to school already. It feels like summer just started and it’s already the end of August. I’m thinking about my classes and I’m reaching for my sweatshirt, but weirdly I’m not worrying about it. I used to worry about the impending winter, but the brief acclimation to colder temperatures byway of some late August chills find me motivated. I have positive feelings about this loss of free time that will push me toturn the free time I have left, after that turn, to profit.

​There’s an academic itch in the fall air. The kids are back to school, but even the adults can feel it. There’s an itch to learn new skills and hone old ones. This is the time of year birds migrate south and people move in doors and what better way to perfect that formation than on the dance floor. It’s an active academia, taught in a studio and practiced everywhere. An opportunity to be on your feet and process lessons immediately, taking note only of your own improvement. And, unlike almost any other lesson, it’s a discipline applicable to your social life. Romance doesn’t end with warm weather. Winter is coming and with it Christmas ballets, New Year waltzes and Valentine tangos that heat the coldest February nights.


Back to school special offer

At Dance Zone USA there are no notes or tests; instead our experienced and world ranked instructors provide direct and personalized lessons that emphasize one on one interactions. Get ready for the fall with feet set, arms up, face to partner and back to school.

Dance Zone USA announces Fall Auditions in Brooklyn for girls and boys. Please call for an appointment at 718-368-1000. 

2014 – 2015 School Year Registration is open for current and prospective students. Check our schedule to sign up for classes.

“New” – Hip-Hop classes are added to our schedule: every Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00pm. Contact us to sign up.