Dance Classes/Styles



Merengue Dance
The simplest and most uptempo of the Latin dances, merengue originated in the Dominican Republic. It emphasizes a straight-ahead 8-count rhythm taken with Cuban Motion.Merengue packs the dance floor in Latin clubs and parties because of its simplicity, playfulness, and sexiness, and it can be learned more quickly than any other dance. Also, themerengue can be danced to a wide variety of non-Latin music including 70’s disco, Top 40, and uptempo hip hop.

Tango is a dramatic, sensual social dance form that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally danced frequently by same sex partners, (particularly men,) this smolderingdance is a dance with attitude! The most popular tango dance styles are the Argentine tango and the ballroom tango, often known as American or International Style; we teach ballroom style tango at DanceZone USA because of its clear simplicity, strong steady rhythm, and popularity in ballroom dance venues.


If you have not experienced the grace and sophistication of this smooth and classy dance, come and try its steps. Our teachers will help you glide on the dance floor in no time. No partner necessary. No prior dance experience required. Registration required.

Cha Cha
An exciting, syncopated Latin dance of Cuban origin which originated in the 1950’s, the ChaCha gets its name and character from its distinct repetitive foot rhythm. It’s playful and joyful and can be danced to a great variety of popular music, from Roy Orbison in the 50’s to the Beatles in the 60’s to Santana and some hip hop at the millenium.

Often called the Dance of Love, rhumba is a slow- to medium-tempo Latin American dance of Cuban origin in 4/4 time, which is characterized by sensual and smooth movements, Latin-style hip motion, and an elegant and flirtatious interplay between partners.

Often difficult to master, the Samba is a lively Brazilian dance consisting of many jumps and turns. The Samba is an extremely fast dance.

Paso Doble
Meaning “two step” in Spanish, Pasa Doble is a lively, march-like dance with significantly less hip movement.

A variation of the Jitterbug, the Jive consists of dance steps derived from country dancing.

Social Ballroom Dancing is usually a partner dancing, and suitable for dancing in informal atmosphere of night clubs, bars, and social events. Social dances are fun to dance, easy to learn, and easy to lead and follow. All dances in the competitive dancing styles and categories are danced socially as well. In addition, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Hustle are very popular social dances, and can be danced with a variety of partners in a relaxed, easy, enjoyable atmosphere.

This unique partner dance, danced in ballrooms and nightclubs is fun and stylish. Join this class and learn “the craze of the 1970s”. You could dance it to all type of disco and contemporary club music. This is a beginners class. No previous dance experience needed. Singles and couples welcome.

Bachata is the newest social dance. It is fun and easy to learn. If you already know the basics ofBachata, this class will teach the technique and intermediate turns and patterns of this Latin dance. Singles and Couples welcome!

This is a Beginners Class. Learn the basic steps and patterns of this hot Latin dance. Meet new people and enjoy yourself. No prior dance experience or partner necessary. Singles and Couples welcome.

This class focuses on basic techniques and steps of this fun, interseting dance to get you to the next level. Even if you know the basic steps, you will still be able to polish your technique and learn new moves and variations from the bronze syllbus. Nopartner necessary. Pre-registration required!


Dance sport
We offer Competitive Ballroom Dancing, which includes International style Ballroom and Latin, for dancers of all ages and levels, from juniors to seniors, and from beginners to professionals. The maturity necessary to dance together fosters respect, teamwork, confidence and a sense of joy and accomplishment, which we hope to bring to every child. Ballroom dancing is both beneficial to lot facts in life but is also quite fun and entertaining and is a handy skill to have when your kids become adults and start going to social events. The children will also have opportunities to take part in showcases and competitions.International Latin consists of the following five dances: Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, PasoDoble and Jive. International Ballroom consists of the following five dances: Waltz, Tango, Quick Step, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz. Competitive ballroom dancing, is an unique combination of an art and a sport, along with it’selegance, beauty, and style, demands high levels of strength, stamina and flexibility, and requires serious physical training.

Pre- Ballroom 2 – 4 Y.O.
This wonderful class is designed for children who want to dance but are not quite old enough to join a ballroom or latin class. In this class children are introduced to the basics of dance; balance, posture, poise, and steps. The instructor uses games, stories, and songs to teach balance, rhythm, movement, coordination, and basic ballet steps. This class combines creative movement with fairytale music, stories, and costumes and basic ballet skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination are taught, practiced, and developed through creative movement, music, and mime in a supportive and supervised environment.. As well as exercising, learning dance, and having fun, your child will also begin to develop their talent, discipline, and self-confidence.


A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses and builds grace, strength and balance. Ballet as most of us knows it is a highly technical dance usually performed to classical music, though many ballet schools are branching out into more modern music. It is one of the most graceful and delicate styles of dance, often choreographed to include miming or acting. Ballet will help you to develop mind and body coordination, train your ear for rhythm and improve your posture. It also teaches self-discipline, so you’ll have muscles of steel and an iron will to match. Adults, kids and teenagers will enjoy learning ballet while developing confidence, mental concentration, physical coordination and grace. This class is for students who are new to ballet, students who want to dance, but never had the opportunity, and those who have danced before and want to begin again. Students will learn ballet fundamentals and terminology while developing strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility. By participating in the first levels of traditional ballet training, students learn concentration and endurance and become proficient in fundamental dance movement and ballet technique. Basic rhythm and tap choreography, as well as the foundations of ballet, will be taught. Advance ballet class students will continue to learn and develop fundamentals, with a progression toward learning variations. Students will learn original steps from ballet productions, with an emphasis on artistic expression and stage presence. This is a great class for dancers wishing to experience the joy of dance, and to develop their performance skills!

This class combines hip-hop dancing with innovative body percussion. Students will learn rhythm and coordination through age-appropriate hip hop choreography with no suggestive music/movements. They will also explore basic beats and musical styles through clapping, snapping, stomping, and using unique objects as musical instruments. .This is an excellent class for high-energy kids who like to move. Hip-hop dancing incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles, such as . The dancing represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music. Hip-Hop dance is very dynamic and improvisational in nature, with jumps, breakages, and rotations in the movements. Hip-hop dancing is considered a good exercise and helps the dancers to improve flexibility, to develop body balance, and improving coordination of movement. This class is great for kids who like to move and make their own music. In this fast-paced and fun class students will use hip-hop and jazz to develop their coordination, rhythm, flexibility and self-expressionThese classes also provide improved self-confidence, positive body image, and more active life style.
This class will teach elements of Modern dance, such as freedom of expression, interpretation of music, principles of fall and recovery, control, breathing and balance and gives kids’ bodies, minds and imaginations a real workout by allowing them to express themselves through a range of movements using their energy and creativity. These classes for kids can be great energetic fun and can provide a healthy outlet for creative energy. Students will be taught modern technique while being encouraged to express their emotions that tell a story and develop artistry through movement. They are then taken gradually to a level of performance by using exercises in styling, timing, musicality, and expression