Happy Environmental Week!

Hey dancer!
Happy Environmental Week!

You may have seen an influx environmental news on the TVs this week, heard about today’s climate protests, or heard  of Greta Thurnberg. Next week the UN is supposed to be talking about the future of climate change.

Waste is an important part of our life. New Yorkers generate 12,000 tons of garbage per day.  China (which historically has imported ~40% of the US’s waste, paper, plastic, and glass) has banned our dirty trash in a move called the National Sword Policy. America, in general, has a trash recycling system, (meaning, many states don’t have one that doesn’t rely on China) so many states have been forced to burn recyclables. This problem has escalated this year.

However,  NEW YORK is an exception. Our recycling matters and it goes to recycling plants in Sunset Park, BK, MJ and Staten Island.. (it isn’t burned… as long as we sort it correctly)

This is where you matter:  sort your trash in the plastic, glass, paper and compost bins. 

  • Let’s try to be more mindful of recycling correctly.
  • All it takes is for you to be a bit more mindful about which bin you put things in.

Happy Recycling!

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