International Day of the Girl

Today, on International Day of the Girl, we observe the importance of empowering young women and raise awareness of the gender inequality faced by girls around the world.

The Global Girls’ Bill of Rights was created for the 2019 International Day of the Girl, and was presented yesterday to the United Nations. This declaration proclaims 10 of the basic rights all girls deserve:

1. free, quality education which prepares them for the modern world
2. equality
3. involvement in decision-making and pursuit of leadership positions without fear of discrimination, harassment, or persecution
4. documentation
5. comprehensive sexual education and access to free, quality reproductive healthcare
6. protection from harmful traditions and enjoyment of positive cultural practices
7. safety from all forms of violence
8. decision-making about their body and sexuality
9. protection under the law without fear or unequal treatment
10. freedom from exploitation

Please celebrate this day by supporting every girl’s access and entitlement to these rights, and continue to uplift the young women in your life.

Gracie Lee
A 17 year old artist and activist who dreams of changing the world.