One dance class might change your life

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Angela Baldwin‘s friend invited her to a dance fitness class in March 2013. Baldwin tried to think of an excuse to skip it, but couldn’t come up with one so she reluctantly tagged along. At this point, the Prestonsburg, Kentucky, social worker weighed 350 pounds. She hid in the back of the room so few people would see her.

Then something unexpected happened: Baldwin really enjoyed the class. “The music moved my soul,” she said. “Even though I felt sure I was going die after each song, I kept moving.” Growing up, the 5-foot-10-inch Baldwin had always loved music and dance, but had never tried classes or training. She was used to being “the biggest person in the room,” and had been all her life.

“I had become so miserable I did not want to leave my house,” she said. At her heaviest, she said she wanted to just “curl up and die.”

Baldwin began attending the classes twice a week, and the pounds started to drop off. Baldwin was especially encouraged after learning that her instructor had lost 100 pounds through dance fitness.

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One dance class might change your life.

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