Brooklyn Studio
Brooklyn Studio

Dance Zone USA Studio  conveniently located in Brooklyn :

2205 Ave Z (between E22 & E23 str.) Brooklyn , NY 11235

Our studio is the place where people can learn to dance, meet new people, have fun, and feel comfortable. Our dance program is great for individuals preparing for events like weddings, competitions and socials. We offer a large variety of different programs for kids and adults. We specialize in teaching adults and children how to dance in private and group environments.Our instructors teach group dance lessons, private and semi private dance lessons. We also offer practice dance sessions and social dance parties to help you learn and become the kind of dancer you wish to be. We teach many different forms of social and competitive dance at a variety of different levels. No matter which class you take, you will learn the fundamentals, patterns, and partnering skills, in a friendly and fun setting.

Remember: Dancing is a great stress relief for both your body and your mind and can alleviate stress and increase your feeling of well-being through dancing; you can release emotional blockages (e.g. anger, sadness, and worry) in your nervous system and learn how to relax through movements. Dancing has many benefits including cardio fitness, losing weight, relieving stress, building confidence, coordination and self-discipline but the best part of dance is communication and contact with others.

Our fully renovated location invites you and your family to experience variety of classes we offer:

Latin & Ballroom dance classes for men, women, children and couples.

First lesson is FREE. 

Dance Zone USA Studio
2205 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY, 11235

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Dance Zone USA Brooklyn

Dance Zone USA Brooklyn

Group classes are a great way to get into dancing and we have lots of classes going on all the time! It’s the perfect cure for two left feet. Group Classes are fun and easy way to learn to dance. We offer children and adult group classes.  Pre-registration is required!

Private lessons are the quickest way to learn and be confident about your dancing. Whether you want to work on technique, leading or following, routines, timing, or just want to have fun, we can help you get it right the first time!. Instead of being in a group, the student learns with an instructor in an 1 on 1 settings. The instruction is tailored entirely to the ability of the student and at the pace desirable by the student. Because the attention of the instructor is solely focused on a single person, that helps the student to learn the new skills and knowledge quicker and excel in their dancing immediately! Private lessons are available by appointment only!

Our Classes for children can be a wonderful and beneficial experience that can help to build social awareness, confidence and self-esteem in your kids through the practice of Dance, Visual and Performing Arts. If your child struggles with team or individual sports, learning to dance is a no-pressure physical activity that will help him or her to really develop some self-confidence. Dancing is a social activity, and your child will learn the basics of social etiquette along with enjoying making new friends in a fun environment. Being comfortable in socializing is a big help in your kids future success. Dancing is a great aerobic activity that will get them moving and help develop their agility and coordination too. The best part is, the whole thing is fun and the kids will not even realize that they are exercising.

Benefits of Dance-Movement Program with Children:

Work in collaboration with clinical providers

Dance-Movement Program encourages kids to use movement to express their feelings and manage stress.

Dance-Movement Program helps children concentrate and learn better in school; teach them how to relate to others as they work cooperatively doing dance routines.

Dance-Movement Program is targeted to:

·     Improve self-confidence

·      Manage impulsivity, frustration and anger

·      Manage hyperactivity

·      Improve behavior and non-verbal communication.

Program for adults (individuals and couples) is also available.

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