Why Ballroom Dancing


An open letter to anyone interested in keeping time:

Dance Zone USA

The floor is the only place you count your steps. While the rest of the world slips away without a second thought your tiniest movements have fluid precision. The faces you once see on the street stand directly in front of you. Their arms are locked in yours. Their step back mirrors your step forward, their step left mirrors yours right. The floor gives melody to the noise outside your window and the notes inside your head. Where comprehension, intention and action are sequenced like a waltz. Where time is slowed so you can live that time, even if it’s only for a little while, in real time.

Ballroom dancing is universal. It is a profession and a hobby. It is something to learn early on and a new skill for later in life. It is an activity for couples and a way to meet people. It is a sanctuary and a release. Ballroom dancing requires one hundred percent presence, a kind of awareness so full it overflows into other areas of your life – something that benefits everyone in a distracted world.

Dance Zone USA

Dance Zone USA understands this and offers classes for all ages and skill levels. We encourage everyone from the youngest in the family to the oldest to visit our facilities to meet our friendly and helpful staff of world ranked dancers. We strive to create a welcome and inclusive environment where, as a student, you will be able to focus on your own personal development, honing your talent and finding a comfortable space to learn and grow.

So whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, get closer to a loved one or if you’re just trying to add something new to the usual routine, Ballroom dancing is there and, if it’s continued popularity through the years is any indication, lasting.


Dance Zone USA