Ever wonder why you get low results at dance competitions?

You might know an answer to this question. But see below what you shouldn’t do if you want to succeed.

  • “Coach! We want to be champions, we’ll do everything for it, but not today..”
  • “We are going on vacation, you don’t mind, do you?”
  • “We overslept, but it’s not a problem, right?”
  • “We don’t really know if we need dancing classes, but please try to convince us”
  • “It’s very important to sculpt clay unicorns for our future. So we can only dance twice a week”
  • “Can we skip Thursdays?”
  • “My child is very tired. Can he take a break?”
  • “Coach, you demand so much from my child, but she is so little..”.
  • “There is no light in our house so we can’t find a dance bag. We’ll skip the class, ok?”
  • “Can we skip a dance tournament, and the next one and 3 more after that?”
  • “We don’t have beautiful dance costumes, but does it matter?”
If you often say:
  • I can’t
  • I don’t want to
  • I didn’t have enough time
Then don’t ask you dance instructor why your dance performance is low.